Synthetic grass in Houston, TX is becoming a popular option for residential landscaping because it provides many benefits to homeowners. For example, it requires much less maintenance than real grass and yard condition without worrying about brown patches or bare spots ruining the look of your lawn.

However, a common question that arises is whether synthetic turf in Texas looks fake or plastic like early artificial surfaces.

The answer is, “It depends.

You’ll find many artificial grass products in the market and some of them won’t look remotely close to the real thing.

In fact, some of them might actually look worse than a traditional lawn because they lack the characteristic texture and softness that make grass feel natural under your feet.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, is the highest quality synthetic turf.

These are specially designed to look and feel as natural as possible. So real, in fact, that it can be hard to tell the difference between natural grass and premium artificial turf!

In this article, we’ll be looking at what makes the best synthetic grass in Houston, TX look almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

What makes Houston artificial grass look realistic?

artificial grass look realistic

  • First, the fibers come in different thicknesses, heights and types.

    Natural-looking artificial grass installation in Houston will have a variety of blades and shades to create the most realistic look as possible. The width, height, length and type of fiber all contribute to creating this effect. For example, thicker or shorter blades that are wider apart can give a more natural appearance than thinner ones which may appear too perfect for some people.

  • Next, the colors are composed of different shades and tones.

    Fake-looking grass usually has only one shade of bright green. In contrast, the best artificial grass combines several shades of green to create a more natural look.

    Some turf products come with thatching, which is a process of adding a layer of “grass roots” to the backing. These brown and yellow fibers mimic the look of both roots and withered blades of grass. Combined with the green fibers, this allows artificial grass to more closely resemble the real thing.

  • Third, the best synthetic turf has a varied texture.

    Another factor that makes artificial turf appear natural is by creating a more varied texture with both fine and coarse fibers. This gives it a slightly uneven appearance, which looks much like patches of dirt in areas where there would normally be bare soil on real grass lawns.

  • The right blade density also makes synthetic turf look real.

    The denser artificial turf is, the more it will feel and look like real grass. Blades need to be thick enough, but not too tall that they can’t bend down when you run your hand over them. The blades should also have the ability to splay out under pressure so that artificial turf feels soft and natural when you walk on it.

The Real Deal About Synthetic Grass in Houston, TX and Its Benefits

kids and dog on turf

While artificial grass is designed to look and feel like real grass, there are major differences as to how they function. Specifically, there are several elements that make synthetic turf superior to natural grass:

  • No need for sun and water

    Artificial grass, whether it’s for pet runs or putting greens in Houston, is made from a combination of synthetic materials. These include polyethylene, nylon and olefin that are used to create the blades of your lawn. This means that unlike natural plants which need air, soil, gallons of water and sunlight in order to grow.

  • Safe for children

    Since it’s inorganic, it doesn’t harbor pests and bacteria. Your children will also be safe from the dangers that can come with playing on real grass such as bugs and other insects, toxic weeds or mud puddles!

  • Safe for pets

    Artificial turf is pet friendly. Unlike real grass, there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides. This means that when you have your pet on the lawn, it is safe for them to lay down and play in any way they please!

  • Low-maintenance

    Artificial turf requires very little maintenance which makes cleaning up after pets and people a breeze. Simply use soap and water or perhaps some cleaning solution for more difficult stains!

  • Weather-resistant

    This means that it will not be affected by rainstorms, hurricanes, tornados, etc., as long as it’s installed properly. In fact, this type of grass can even withstand the direct impact of any heavy items like lawn furniture!

  • Excellent surface for games and sports

    For those of you who enjoy playing sports, artificial turf is a dream come true. Not only does it provide the perfect firm footing for your feet, but also minimizes injuries due to slips or falls which can be common on natural grass. This means that everyone from athletes to casual putters will benefit greatly by having artificial turf installed.

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