A natural lawn is not the safest place for dogs. It hides and attracts various dangers to the safety and well-being of canines. Invest in an artificial turf installation in Houston, TX to give your beloved pooch a grass-covered, paw-friendly landscape that’s free of such hazards.

Common Hazards in Natural Lawns for Dogs

A grass-covered yard is a paradise to canines. It’s the perfect place for romping, playing, digging and relaxing outdoors. Unfortunately, most natural lawns hide these dog hazards:

Toxic Weeds

Dogs investigate with their nose and mouth, especially puppies. They are fond of tasting almost every new thing they encounter, which can be a problem if these weeds are common in your yard:

• Buckwheat

• Horseweed

• Milkweed

• Cowbane

• Yellow dock

These weeds are toxic to canines. When ingested, they can cause pain, diarrhea, vomiting, seizures and even death. Get rid of this danger with a synthetic turf installation. Expert installers not only apply commercial-level weedicides before laying the turf, but they also integrate a weed barrier to prevent future weed infestations.

Grass Seeds

Grass seeds pose a severe health risk for canines, especially during the summer months. They are sharp and shaped in a way that makes it easy for them to latch on fur and pierce the skin. If left embedded in the skin, grass seeds can cause irritation and swelling. Give your canine an outdoor play space that’s free of these painful pests with an artificial turf installation in Houston, TX.


Ticks are typically carried into yards by stray animals, such as raccoons, squirrels and rats. They breed and nest in the soil, later coming up grass blades to find hosts to feed on. Their bites can cause irritation and transmit serious diseases from other animals, such as Lyme disease.

Since synthetic grass completely covers the soil, it doesn’t provide the ideal nesting grounds for these nasty critters, thus eliminating the risk of a tick infestation. It also neither grows nor retains moisture, which ticks use as protection from the sun.


Dogs love playing in puddles, which are common in natural lawns due to their uneven terrain, low-lying areas, and inefficient drainage capabilities. Unfortunately, they can carry viruses and bacteria that can compromise your canine’s health. An artificial grass installation in Houston, TX removes puddle possibilities for good with its proprietary drainage system.

Landscaping Chemicals

Fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides and herbicides are crucial in live lawn maintenance. It typically takes grass more than 48 hours to absorb them upon application. Toxic residues may linger past the two-day mark. Hence, there’s a huge chance that your canine is exposed to these toxic solutions even days after their application.

Artificial grass doesn’t need landscaping solutions to stay in top condition. Feel free to let your dog loose in your yard without worrying about the hazards of chemical exposure.

Keep Your Dog Safe with Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass in Houston, TX is a great alternative to the real thing for yards that double as a pet space. Not only is it more durable and easier to maintain, but it also makes the place safer for dogs.

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