Safety is the top priority when constructing a playground or putting green in your backyard. You need to make sure that your kids can have active fun without getting hurt. Padding your play surface and using top quality artificial putting greens in Houston is a great start.

8 Awesome Advantages of Using Synthetic Turf on Play Areas

Using artificial grass to cushion your playground has more advantages than using natural turf and padding foam. Find out how it can enhance your and your kid’s playtime experience.

  1. Soft, shock-absorbing surface

    Falls and tumbles are a part of the playtime experience. Padding your play area’s grounds with synthetic turf will lessen the impact by absorbing the shock. Thus, the overall damage is minimized. The artificial grass also offers a soft surface to land on, which will make landings less painful and encourage your kids to take falls in stride.

  2. Fewer scrapes and bruises

    Aside from falls and tumbles, your kids can also get scrapes and bruises in the playground. Scrapes are typically caused by coarse sand, concrete, and other rough surfaces. Bruises, on the other hand, often come from sharp-edged play equipment. Using synthetic turf can help reduce the risk of these injuries. It’s soft and compliant, which means that even if your kid’s trip or fall into it, they won’t get scraped or bruised.

  3. Easy to maintain

    Since it’s artificial, you don’t need to set aside time and money for synthetic turf care. After installing it, you just need to keep it clean. Washing, rinsing, brushing its blades, and clearing off debris from its surface regularly is enough. For expert artificial turf installation in Houston, TX, look no further than Houston Artificial Grass Pros.

  4. Eco-friendly

    This goes together with the previous advantage. With artificial grass, you’ll cut down your water consumption and gas emissions since you don’t need to mow it. It also eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers.

  5. Cleaner play area

    If cleaning off dirt, grime, grass stains, and mud from your kids is not your ideal post-playtime ritual, pad your play area’s surface with artificial turf. It covers the soil, which keeps your children from gathering dirt, grime, and mud. Plus, it’s synthetic, so it won’t leave grass stains upon contact. In addition, you don’t have to worry about your kids putting dirt and other outdoor materials in their mouth.

  6. Durable

    Synthetic turf can take a lot without showing indications of wear and age. It is resistant to pressure, abrasions, and water, and can withstand various types of weather conditions. Unlike natural grass, it will spring back up when stepped on.

  7. Pet-friendly

    If you have a dog, you don’t have to worry about them digging into and leaving stains on your turf—at least, not if you used synthetic grass for pets in Houston. This turf type doesn’t just offer the same durable qualities of synthetic grass. It’s also urine-resistant, eliminating the risks of grass burns, stains, and discoloration.

  8. Aesthetically appealing

    With artificial turf, you can give your playground a lawn that will stay lush green all year round with minimal maintenance.

Enhance Your Children’s Playtime

Let your kids play on the grass without worrying about dirt, germs, and post-playtime cleanups. Cushion your playground with artificial turf.

As the leading grass installer of putting greens in Houston, Houston Artificial Grass Pros can help you create a landscape and install the perfect synthetic turf for your kids. Don’t worry if your playground is already covered with natural grass or an old version of artificial lawn. We can take care of any existing turf.

Take advantage of the many benefits of synthetic grass. Call us now at 866-309-8873, so we can get started on your project!