To many people, eco-friendly means natural, organic and free from pollutants. Sounds like the real grass in your yard. Think again.

Natural grass may look and smell nice, but compared to artificial grass installation in Houston, it’s not the best choice for the environment.

The toxic chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers cause serious environmental problems, including:

  • Groundwater pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Health hazards to animals and humans

It also takes large amounts of water to keep grass alive, especially in dry areas like Texas.

In contrast, the new generation of synthetic grass in Houston, TX is not only better at mimicking the texture and appearance of natural grass, but they’re also kinder to our environment.

1. Synthetic Grass Uses Far Less Water

A lawn needs about 1 inch of water each week in order for it to stay healthy and green. However, many homeowners use far more than this amount when they water their lawns. In fact, watering your lawn for just 30 minutes each day can add up to an extra 6,000 gallons of water over the course of one year!

Artificial turf installation nearly eliminates the need to water your lawn. Aside from the occasional rinse with the hose, synthetic lawns stay green even during the worst droughts.

2. Reduces Air Pollution

Gas-powered lawn equipment is a leading contributor to harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

According to the EPA, a single gas-powered lawn-mower produces 34 lbs. of pollutants and 89 lbs. of CO2 in one year. Worse, the carbon footprint of running your lawn-mower for ONE hour equals a 100-mile car trip.

No wonder lawn care is one of the top three contributors to air pollution.

Artificial turf installation in Houston, TX eliminates the need for any motorized equipment, so there are no fumes or emissions from your lawn. This reduces your contribution to polluted air, while also improving air quality in your area.

3. Synthetic Grass Reduces Noise Pollution

Lawn maintenance like mowing, weed-whacking, sprinklers and leaf blowers can be irritating and sometimes even dangerous to those with sensitive hearing. It’s also a major contributor to noise pollution, given that the average homeowner spends at least two hours every week mowing or trimming their lawn.

Artificial turf does not require any regular maintenance or landscaping work performed by specialized machines. The result is a beautiful lawn you can enjoy in total peace and quiet. That goes for your neighbors, too!

The Bottom Line

Synthetic grass is not just a trendy choice. It’s an excellent decision for homeowners looking to reduce their impact on the environment without compromising their dream backyard.

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