An outdoor kitchen is one of the ultimate features for homeowners in Houston Texas who love to entertain. However, the area can be tough to keep clean if you have a natural lawn. Things can quickly get messy, from spills and stains to people walking around while cooking and getting food. If you’re tired of all the post-party cleaning up you have to do, consider artificial grass installation in Houston for your outdoor kitchen.

Why Synthetic Grass Is Perfect for Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is a busy place. It gets a lot of foot traffic as you go around preparing ingredients, cooking meals and entertaining guests.

As a superior alternative to natural grass, synthetic grass in TX is tough enough to endure foot traffic without taking damage. Artificial turf products do get matted over time, but that’s natural and easy to fix. Just brush against the grain of the fibers to restore it.

Feel free to place heavy kitchen equipment on your artificial lawn as well. But be mindful of how close it is to open flames during design and installation. Synthetic turf has fire-resistant properties, so it won’t catch fire or burn. However, it will melt when embers and other hot objects touch its surface.

In addition, artificial grass lawns don’t get slippery when wet. So you don’t have to worry about kitchen spills making it dangerous to walk on.

Moreover, artificial turf installation in Houston TX comes with an efficient drainage system. So don’t worry about kitchen spills ruining your turf. Professional installers know how to prepare your outdoor kitchen’s floor to ensure puddles won’t form on its surface later on.

Finally, artificial grass looks and feels natural. You can choose a type that’s identical to what’s growing in your yard. That way, your kitchen will look like an extension of your outdoor space.

Smart Tips for Cleaning Synthetic Turf

Another great thing about the best grass for Houston homes is that it’s a breeze to maintain. Follow these handy tips to keep quality artificial grass in top condition:

• Act fast when cleaning spills.

 Spills are the easiest to take care of when they are still in liquid form. So blot them out immediately using a rag or tissue. Don’t give them time to dry on your synthetic lawn, especially if they’re sticky or oily.

• Wash the turf thoroughly.

No need to use gallons of water, but do use a soapy solution to wash off residues. If it’s not effective, consider using a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. You can use a brush with plastic bristles to get rid of stubborn scums. Don’t use solvents or harsh chemicals because they can leave behind unpleasant odors and affect artificial grass products.

• Use ice to freeze sticky substances for easy removal.

Use an ice cube to freeze sticky materials, such as gum. Once it’s frozen, use a dull object to carefully chip the residue off your turf. Again, go slow to avoid cutting or tearing your artificial grass.

Make Your Outdoor Spaces More Inviting With Synthetic Grass

A grass-covered outdoor kitchen is a great design concept, but it’s also a stressful one if you’re working with natural grass. In contrast, artificial grass allows you to achieve this design without the hassle of caring for the real thing.

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