Synthetic grass in Houston, TX is an excellent alternative to the real thing. It stays green throughout the year, does not attract pests, and is tough enough to withstand constant use, heavy equipment and harsh weather conditions. It can also last up to 15 years or more, provided that you follow these upkeep guidelines!

How to Take Care of Synthetic Grass

It doesn’t take much to keep synthetic turf in tip-top shape. Once installed, it will retain its lush, realistic quality with minimal upkeep, which involves:

General Maintenance for Synthetic Grass

Keep your synthetic grass clean by removing debris from its surface regularly. Pick up substantial waste and sweep off the rest using a broom, soft-bristled brush or a leaf blower. Keep a dustpan and a trash bag handy to speed up the process.

Once your turf is debris-free, rinse its surface thoroughly using a hose. Get rid of unpleasant smells using a soap solution. Dissolve mild detergent in water and let the mixture soak into your turf for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Finally, brush the synthetic grass blades using a soft-bristled tool. Comb against the grain to help flattened turf upright. Don’t use tools with metal ends to avoid damaging the artificial fibers.

Stain Management

Pet waste, greasy substances, sticky spills and other substances can stain synthetic grass in Houston, TX. Get rid of them immediately upon discovery. Wipe off the moisture using a clean cloth and soak the affected area with a warm water and soap solution. Then, gently rub off residues using a sponge, cloth or soft-bristled brush.

Weed Control

Expertly installed artificial grass installations come with weed barriers, typically tucked between the soil and the synthetic turf layer. However, they are seldom enough to prevent all future weed growth.

If weeds find their way through the seams and borders of your installation, get rid of them immediately. Keep an eye out for these persistent greens every time you conduct general maintenance tasks.

Pet Waste Removal

Let solid waste dry before picking them up. Then, hose down the spoiled spot thoroughly to remove all residues. Hose down “marked” areas thoroughly as well.

Struggling to remove urine odor from your artificial grass installation in Houston? Apply a mixture of equal amounts of water and vinegar on the location. Let the solution soak into the turf before rinsing it off. Vinegar is an excellent deodorizer, and its smell tends to put off dogs from urinating on the same spot.

Preventive Upkeep

Maintain your synthetic turf’s functionality by not parking vehicles on it. Cars will flatten the grass under their wheels and damage the installation beyond repair. Oil and fuel leaks can also leave stubborn stains behind.

Keep open flames away from the synthetic grass. Lighted cigarettes, charcoal from the barbeque and bonfires can set the turf on fire. Make sure that your barbeque grill is on a stone or concrete pavement away from the synthetic grass turf.

Invest in Top-Quality Synthetic Grass for a Long-Lasting Lawn

Count on Houston Artificial Grass Pros for premium synthetic turf products that can last up to 15 years or more. We supply and install top-quality artificial grass for lawns, pet runs, playgrounds, pool surrounds, putting greens in Houston and more. Call us now at 866-309-8873 to learn more about the versatile applications of synthetic turf!