Hiring a professional to install synthetic grass in Houston, TX is not cheap. Homeowners may find themselves asking whether it is worth it to hire a professional. It is indeed very tempting to opt for DIY to avoid such costs. What most people don’t realize is that the DIY approach is prone to mistakes that can cost even more money.

5 Common DIY Artificial Grass Installation Mistakes

There are a few common mistakes that people commit when going for DIY artificial turf installation in Houston, TX. Make sure to avoid these errors if you choose to install artificial grass on your own.

1. Laying artificial turf on an uneven surface

Lumps and bumps on the ground can be very problematic for artificial turf installation. If the ground is uneven, the overall look of the laid down turf will suffer. The smallest bump will be obvious on a generally smooth surface. This can become an eyesore in the long run.

Another important thing to note is that damage on the turf can start around these bumps. Moreover, these could trip people up and be the cause of accidents and other injuries.

2. Having poor or no drainage

Failing to provide proper drainage for the artificial grass installation in Houston could cause puddles to form every time it rains or when hosing down the turf. Pools of water lead to mould, mildew and weed growth.

Proper drainage and being able to control where the water flows is important for the longevity of the turf.

3. Not securing the edges

Secure the edges using artificial grass adhesives or nailing them to a wooden frame. Unsecured edges, over time, could fray and curl up. Unwanted objects can get under the lawn and cause perforations and tears. Not only that, but people can also trip on these and injure themselves.

4. Uneven Joins

Not all surfaces can be covered by a single roll of artificial turf. For any artificial grass installation in Houston, it is vital to lay the grass with the pile facing the same direction. This is surprisingly overlooked by many and sadly, it makes the lawn look tacky and poorly installed.

This mistake is not obvious up close. However, this is impossible to miss from afar. It is quite expensive and difficult to correct. The turf, which is now secured with adhesive or wooden edge frames, will have to be removed and placed to face the right direction.

5. Throwing away leftover artificial grass

Keep any spare artificial grass. You may need to replace damaged areas with a new patch over time. It can get challenging to find a matching turf especially if the repair takes place after several years. As such, it is wise to keep any excess turf from the original installation.

Avoid These Artificial Grass Mistakes

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