Whether you own a shopping center, restaurant, hotel or an events venue, making a fantastic first impression is a must. Landscaping is more than just aesthetics – it shows customers that you care about their experience and that includes welcoming them with a beautiful landscape. The best and easiest way to do this is to invest in synthetic grass in Houston, TX.

Why Synthetic Grass is Best for Commercial Properties

More often than not, it can feel impossible to have a green and healthy landscape when you’re working with real grass. There are just so many issues that surround it. Fortunately, artificial grass offers several solutions:

  • 1. Synthetic grass is much easier to take care of than real grass.

    Houston’s hot climate makes it a beautiful place to live in, but it’s also an incredibly challenging place to grow grass in. It’s not unusual to see yards fraught with bare, dead or brown patches.

    Once you switch to synthetic grass, you never have to worry about this again. It stays forever green and lush no matter the weather.

  • 2. No more bare and dead spots in your commercial landscape.

    Whether it’s from customers walking all over the place or erosion from daily wear and tear, dead and bare spots are basically inevitable on a live lawn. Tired of trying to fix it all the time? The solution lies with artificial turf.

    Synthetic grass is built tough. It can withstand daily, heavy activity without sustaining damage or losing its lush and thick nature. The worst that can happen is that it’ll get flat over time due to pressure and foot traffic. When that happens, just brush with a plastic rake to fluff up and return to its pristine state.

    In addition, even the rowdiest dogs will not be able to tear through the synthetic grass for pets in Houston. They can try, but turf membranes and fibers will stay in place. No need to worry about ripped out patches of lawn if you run a pet-friendly establishment.

  • 3. Prevent your business from wasting and paying a fortune on water.

    Artificial grass installation in Houston helps you avoid one of the worst things you can do in the area— wasting water. It’s a precious resource in this dry and drought-prone state.

    Unfortunately, natural lawns are tremendously thirsty. For instance, you have to water them once a day at the minimum and sometimes twice during peak summer. Natural landscapes are one of the biggest consumers of water in the country. Replace real grass with synthetic turf and watch your commercial water bill and consumption get reduced to a mere trickle.

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In the battle between artificial grass and live grass for commercial landscape, synthetic wins hands down. It’s the easiest way to enjoy many years’ worth of a picture-perfect green yard. It’s weather- and damage- resistant and it helps you maintain an eco-friendlier business.

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