Dog owners only want the best for their pets, but that usually means sacrificing your beautiful lawn. It’s just a matter of time before your dog fills your yard with worn-down paths, holes and dead grass. It’s either your dog or the grass— and getting rid of your furry friend is out of the question. For a lawn that will keep you and your dog happy, consider switching to synthetic grass in Houston, TX.

Why Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Dog Runs

Synthetic grass for pets in Houston solves the root of the problem— natural grass. It offers the following benefits:

Pet turf is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

You don’t need to set aside weekends for synthetic turf care. Specifically, a couple of minutes is all it takes to clean and spruce up artificial grass.

For instance, you just need to keep it clear of debris, give it the occasional rinse and brush it a couple of times a year. In addition, pick up pet waste and hose off the affected area to eliminate its traces. Finally, use a detergent and water solution to remove unpleasant smells. The turf’s drainage system will take care of excess moisture and leave your lawn dry.

Synthetic grass creates a dirt-free surface for a cleaner dog and home.

Synthetic turf completely covers the soil, eliminating a myriad of dirt-related dog run problems. These include:

  • Digging up holes throughout their dog run
  • Rolling in the soil, thus needing a bath after their time outdoors
  • Playing in the muddy areas that form after light drizzles
  • Tracking dirt indoors, which demands an impromptu cleanup

With artificial grass, you can minimize post-romp cleanups and dog baths significantly.

Dogs enjoy synthetic turf as much as natural grass!

Synthetic grass in Houston, TX is not only realistic but also extremely gentle on the paws. Your dog can play and run all they want on its surface without the risk of cuts and scrapes. It’s soft, lush and perfect for fetch, naps under the sun and playing all day long!

Synthetic grass is incredibly durable.

Just because synthetic turf is paw-friendly doesn’t mean that it’s not pet-proof. Artificial grass for dogs can withstand high foot traffic, persistent scratching and determined digging without getting damaged and matted.

Other Ways to Level Up Your Dog Run

Here are more smart ways to upgrade your dog run to keep your canines safe, engaged and happy:

  • Scatter mentally stimulating obstacles throughout the dog run. It will help keep your canine on top of their game. Add miniature ramps, tunnels and platforms. If you have excess artificial grass, use it to cover these features to make them more paw-friendly.

  • Set up shelter points. Even if your dog mostly stays with you indoors, it still pays to add shaded areas to your petscape. These places will give them a dry space for sudden rains and a cool spot for sunny days. Consider setting up a dog house, building a pergola or simply installing a patio umbrella.

  • Designate a digging area. If you’re keen on indulging your canine’s digging antics, set aside a portion of your dog run for this purpose. A great way to narrow down this spot is to leave it the only place uncovered by synthetic grass in Houston, TX. Next, lay pet-friendly sand and mulch to make it more comfortable. Encourage your dog to have fun by burying their bones and toys in there!

  • Create a peek-a-boo window. Does your fencing completely obscure your dog’s view of the neighborhood? Make a viewing window to give them a chance to know what’s happening beyond their borders. It’s the perfect feature for curious canines.

  • Brighten up the area with dog-friendly plants. Choose vibrant varieties that are safe for dogs to consume on the off chance that your canine decides to munch on greens. Go for hanging plants if you want to keep the flora entirely out of their reach.

Create the Best Dog Run with Houston Synthetic Turf!

At Houston Artificial Grass Pros, we love helping pet owners create comfortable and beautiful spaces for their beloved dogs. Want to add more features like a mini playground, green patio and putting greens in Houston? We got you covered! In fact, we offer free estimates so you can get your project going. Call us today at 866-309-8873 to set up an appointment and for any question you may have about synthetic grass for dogs!