Homeowners with natural lawns typically have two upkeep options: spend lots of time and money maintaining their yard or pay a professional to do it. Either way, ongoing lawn care can take up a large portion of your budget, especially during the spring and summer months. Fortunately, there’s a third cost-efficient option that will allow you to enjoy a perfectly manicured lawn, and that’s the best artificial grass installation in Houston.

How Synthetic Turf Saves Money

Artificial grass installations may require a higher upfront fee, but over the years, that investment pays for itself. With proper maintenance, high-quality synthetic turf can last up to 20 years. You’ll be able to remove several items from your lawn care budget during that period. Invest in artificial grass installation in Houston to spend less money on:

• Water Bill

Natural lawns require gallons of water every day to stay hydrated, and it needs even more during the hotter months. In contrast, you never need to water synthetic turf in Houston apart from the occasional rinse to remove spills and wash out dirty spots. Switch to artificial grass and see a difference in your utility bill on the next cutoff.

• Fertilizers, Pesticides and Weedicides

A lot of chemicals go into a pristine, natural lawn. It needs fertilizers to nourish the grass, plus pesticides and weedicides to prevent weed growth and keep away unwanted critters. Synthetic putting greens in Houston don’t invite pests and facilitate weed growth. As such, you don’t need to set aside money for toxic and expensive lawn care solutions.

• Cutting, Mowing and Landscaping

While mowing and trimming a natural lawn on your own keep you from investing in professional upkeep, that doesn’t mean that you’re saving money in the long run. Not only are you spending money on the equipment and its petrol, but you’re also wasting a lot of your free time. In contrast, relying on professional lawn services may save you money, but the expense adds up over time.

The most effective way to maintain a perfectly landscaped yard is to switch to quality synthetic grass for pets in Houston. Before the installation, you’ll be able to decide exactly how lush and tall you want the turf to be. You can also customize its landscape design down to the smallest detail. Once the project is done, your yard will stay green and pristine for years. You can stop paying professionals or wasting weekends working on your yard again.

• Miscellaneous Lawn Care Expenses

There are a lot of extra costs you probably don’t notice when you maintain a natural lawn because they don’t appear regularly. Things like gardening tools, mulch, dirt and new grass seeds are necessary for a healthy yard, and their cost can eat up your budget.

Enjoy a More Cost-Effective Yard with Artificial Grass!

Synthetic turf makes it possible to have a vibrant, green yard that gives you a great return on your investment. If you’re ready for a beautiful lawn without the hassle and stress of natural grass upkeep, call Houston Artificial Grass Pros today at 866-309-8873. Let’s talk about the amazing benefits of artificial grass!