Most of the best putting greens in Houston are made of artificial grass. This is because synthetic turf offers more advantages compared with natural grass. It stays green all year long, is not breakable and can withstand constant use.

Artificial golfing greens are also dirt-free and equipped with a permeable drainage system, making them easy to maintain in the long run. With low-maintenance turf, you’ll have more time for playing pro-level golf!

5 Secrets of High-Quality Synthetic Putting Greens

Evergreen looks, exceptional durability and easy upkeep are not the only advantages that come with a course covered with artificial grass. Synthetic putting greens in Houston also contribute a lot to your game and property.  Here are some of the lesser-known, defining features of top artificial putting greens:

1. They can accommodate various course features.

Who says you can’t have sand traps and bunkers in your home putting green? Experienced synthetic grass installers can add these obstacles and other course features to your backyard putting green. With their expert assistance, you can get a course that perfectly mimics your favorite course surface or is specific to your game goals.

2. They offer a seamless play surface.

Before placing the turf on the course, providers of high-quality artificial turf installation in Houston, TX take measures to make sure its surface is properly leveled. They consider the putting green’s slopes, inclines and obstacles as well. These not only ensure that the turf they set aside for the area will completely cover the entire course, but also allow them to determine the accessories necessary to secure the turf. The result is a seamless putting green similar to those found in pro-level courses.

3. They are non-toxic.

Natural golfing greens require fertilizer, weedicide, pest control and other chemicals to thrive. Most of these solutions linger after application, exposing those who use the turf to toxic substances. This is not a problem with artificial turf. Since it’s synthetic, it doesn’t need these chemicals to stay in top condition. Also, artificial grass is free of toxic lead, so you don’t need to worry about it when you practice your putts.

4. They are pet-friendly.

With their dirt-free and non-toxic surface, great artificial putting greens are not just perfect for play surfaces. They’re also suited for pet spaces. Artificial turf is realistic, paw-friendly and easy to maintain. It is also completely free of allergy-triggering pollen and pests that thrive in natural grass, such as ticks and fleas. More than just a course cover, artificial putting greens are also the ideal synthetic grass for pets in Houston.

5. They enable play even during droughts.

In sunny Houston weather, droughts can extend for weeks on end. Natural grass can dry out, go brittle and die under such conditions. These are not a possibility with artificial turf. Synthetic grass remains lush and vibrant in any kind of weather, so you can enjoy your golf game outdoors anytime you want!

Make Your Home Putting Green One of the Best!

Get the best putting greens in Houston for your yard to make your home an instant hit among your neighbors and friends. Not only will you have a unique outdoor entertainment space, but you’ll also have a stunning landscape.

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