Part of being a pet owner is trying to make sure your dog is happy and healthy all the time. If you have a natural lawn, this can be hard to do. Real grass is full of elements that can be dangerous to dogs, such as toxic weeds, sharp debris and pests. When it comes to your dog’s health, one of the best decisions you can make is replacing natural grass with synthetic grass for pets in Houston.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy with Synthetic Grass

Such a simple switch from real grass to synthetic pet turf in Houston, Texas can do wonders for canine health:

  • ✔ Drastically reduce your dog’s contact with poisonous lawn care substances.

    For something that’s “natural,” a lawn needs a whole lot of chemicals to stay healthy and alive. As a result, natural lawns are frequently treated with fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and weedicides. Great for grass, but dangerous and potentially fatal for your dog.

    Did you know that toxins like pesticides can linger on your lawn anywhere from a few hours to several days? Too much exposure to these substances is incredibly hazardous to your dog’s health. Effects include nausea, skin rashes, diarrhoea, vomiting, irritation and respiratory problems, among others.

    In contrast, you never treat synthetic grass in Houston TX with any of these toxins. Let your dog loose in your artificial backyard with complete peace of mind, knowing they’re not in danger from these chemicals anymore.

  • ✔ Reduce your dog’s grass allergy symptoms with synthetic turf.

    Is your dog losing fur, scratching all the time and showing rashes and watery eyes/nose, especially after playing on your natural lawn? They may be allergic to grass.

    Similar to humans, dogs can also develop grass allergies. And just like humans, grass allergies can limit your dog’s ability to enjoy your yard while posing a danger to their health.

    Sure, dogs can take allergy medication to manage their symptoms. Or, you can completely bar them from going out on your lawn. However, why manage the symptoms if you can remove the allergen together?

    Artificial grass installation in Houston removes the root of the issue— grass pollen, which is what triggers the allergies in the first place. In addition, synthetic turf itself is made of hypoallergenic materials like high-quality nylon.

    Not only is this great news for your dog, but for anyone in your home who’s also allergic to grass, too!

  • ✔ Artificial grass helps protect your dog from dangerous bugs and pests.

    Watching your dog chase after a squirrel in the yard can be amusing. But did you know that natural lawns are home to various insects and pests that can be dangerous to your dog? Your furry best friend can get bitten, infested, injured, poisoned and hurt by many creatures that usually lurk in grassy yards.

    Below are some:

    • Fleas
    • Ticks
    • Mosquitos
    • Stink bugs
    • Caterpillars
    • Venomous bees and spiders
    • Ants
    • Mice and rats
    • Poisonous snakes


    All of these critters love natural grass. It has everything they need— food, breeding grounds and lots of moist, dark spaces to hide in the soil, weeds and the grass itself.

    Remove the grass and you also remove everything that attracts them to your backyard. On top of that, these pests simply cannot survive on artificial lawn. Your dog can explore every nook and cranny of your synthetic yard and they’ll be safe the whole time!

  • ✔ Prevent your dog from getting sick from dirt and mud.

    Mud— every pet owner’s nightmare! Not only is it a hassle to clean off your dog and home, but mud and dirt are also loaded with bacteria that can be harmful to your pet.

    Furthermore, some dogs actually eat dirt. This is both unsanitary and incredibly dangerous, because ingesting too much can cause impaction of the intestine. The soil and mud in chemical-treated natural lawns can also contain pesticides, weedicides and other substances that are toxic to dogs.

    During an artificial grass installation, installers will excavate both grass and dirt. This accomplishes two things: one, it gives you a mud-free yard. Two, it means that dirt is now out of reach of your curious pup!

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