Growing and grooming a lush, green lawn take serious work and add a lot more chores to your already long to-do list. Many homeowners only realize how much money, time, and effort they waste on lawn care after opting for superb artificial grass installation in Houston. Eliminate these tedious chores for good when you make the switch to artificial grass!

Say Goodbye to these 5 Chores with Artificial Grass

Ready to stop sweating in the sun and devoting your precious weekends just to keep your yard alive? With the ease and simplicity of maintaining synthetic grass, you can scratch these tasks off your to-do list forever:

  1. Watering

Natural sod lawns need to be watered at least twice a day to keep it satisfied, which means you have to drag the hose and manually water your yard day after day as long as you have real grass. Synthetic turf requires no water beyond a little rinsing now and then, so you can finally leave this chore in the past.

  1. Weed Control

Weeds are the bane of any garden, and there’s no way to banish them permanently from your yard. You have to constantly remove them to prevent weeds from choking your lawn.

Pulling out weeds can involve hours of backbreaking work. It becomes more expensive if you want to use a weed trimmer or weed eater since the gas and weedicide cost money. In contrast, weeds can’t grow on the leading synthetic grass in Houston, TX, so you never have to worry about it again.

  1. Filling Divots

If your yard receives high foot traffic – from playing children, pets, and backyard parties – then you’re probably familiar with filling in those divots and holes. Buying the right type of dirt and making sure you apply it evenly can be a real hassle. For a tougher surface that stays even and won’t sustain holes no matter how much you use your yard, choose synthetic grass.

  1. Reseeding

A green and healthy lawn needs to be reseeded to stay that way. It takes a lot of time to apply turf builder properly and you have to wait a while to see the fruits of your hard labor. With artificial turf, you can enjoy its plush results immediately after installation, and you don’t have to reseed it at all.

  1. Mowing

When you have a yard made of real grass, you have to commit to mowing it down three times or more every month. If you don’t have time for this difficult, time-consuming job, you may have to add the cost of hiring someone else to do it for you.

Want a yard that always remains at a pristine height without having to lift a finger? Synthetic grass makes that possible. Once it’s installed, it looks as good and well-manicured as day one.

Simplify Home and Yard Care with Synthetic Grass

As the leading artificial grass installer in the Houston, TX area, we can think of many more ways that synthetic grass can make your life more relaxed and fun. Learn more about residential, commercial, and the finest synthetic grass for pets in Houston when you call Houston Artificial Grass Pros at 866-309-8873!