It’s hard to set up putting greens in Houston in your yard if the area is shady. Grass doesn’t grow well when it doesn’t get enough sunlight.

You can’t control where your shade comes from. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about your dream to play golf without leaving the comfort of your home. You just have to install artificial grass instead of growing the real thing.

Grass Struggles in the Shade

Natural grass needs sunlight to survive. It takes energy from the sun and converts it into sugars and carbohydrates to sustain itself. But when there isn’t enough sunlight, this process doesn’t work as well.The grass has a difficult time reaching its full potential and instead grows thin and weak. It also becomes more vulnerable to pests, diseases, and traffic.

If you’re trying to grow grass in an area that’s shady even before seeding, there’s a risk that the grass won’t sprout at all.

What Does That Mean for Natural Putting Greens?

You can’t set up natural putting greens in Houston in shady spots because sunlight is essential to grass health. That can limit the size and design of your green because you’ll have to make it fit in a specific area.

It’s also likely that you won’t have much room to practice putts that take a lot of distance. So your practice sessions and short games will be less fun than they could have been.

How Does Artificial Grass Stay Great in the Shade?

It doesn’t matter if your putting green is always in the sun or forever in the shadows. Artificial grass will always stay in great condition.

After all, synthetic golf turf is not alive. It’s made of high-quality synthetic materials, like nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. These don’t get weak or lose color when they don’t get sunlight.

In short, with synthetic grass in Houston, TX, you won’t have to limit your putting green to the areas in your yard that get sunlight.

What Are the Benefits of a Putting Green in the Shade?

Setting up your putting green under the shade has a lot of benefits.For example, you can keep on playing or practicing even when the sun is high. The shade will help you stay cool and comfortable. That means you’ll have more time to putt every day.

Moreover, expert turf installers can lay down turf on various surfaces, such as soil, concrete, and wood. This means other outdoor areas in your home could become part of your green, such as your driveway and patio.This opens more opportunities to get creative with your course design and make tee times more fun and challenging.

Design the Best Backyard Green With an Artificial Grass Installation in Houston

Need help turning your dream putting green into a reality? We have you covered here at Houston Artificial Grass Pros.

Our expert installers will help you maximize the space in your yard and the benefits of synthetic golf turf. Just tell us how you want your green to turn out and we’ll make it happen in no time.

And don’t worry about play quality. We use only the best synthetic grass for putting greens in our installations. We guarantee it’ll last a long time with minimal maintenance.

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