Let’s face it! Our Houston climate isn’t kind to real grass. It takes one drought – or a particularly hot summer – to kill even the hardiest lawns. As a result, we’ve been seeing a massive increase in homeowners switching to synthetic grass in Houston, TX. It’s perfect for Texas! Synthetic turf is green and lush like real grass, except 100% resistant to our harsh weather, requires minimal maintenance, and always ready for an impromptu backyard BBQ party.

One question we often get, however, is about how hot artificial grass can get. We’ll answer that in this article, along with simple ways to keep your artificial lawn cool and comfortable.

Does Artificial Grass Get Hotter Than Real Grass?

The answer is yes. Artificial grass can get a little hotter than natural grass – but not by much. That’s especially true when talking about modern artificial grass.

Older synthetic turf products were often made with low-quality plastic and rubber backing. The result is heat getting trapped in the turf fibers and backing, resulting in a scorching hot lawn.

In contrast, the synthetic turf we use here at Houston Artificial Grass Pros is especially designed to address those overheating issues with features such as:

  • Heat-resistant turf fibers that reflect the sun’s heat, keeping your lawn cool
  • Cooling agents mixed in with the artificial grass to absorb and disperse heat
  • A permeable backing with hundreds and thousands of tiny holes that allow air circulation and drainage
  • Special cooling infill options
  • A sub-base layer that encourages maximum airflow
  • A variety of turf colors to better reflect the sun’s rays
  • And more

The result is an artificial grass lawn that stays cooler and more comfortable during the hottest Houston days.

But if you’d like to go the extra mile to keep synthetic grass in Houston, TX as cool as possible, here are some tips for you:

  • Install an Above-Ground Synthetic Grass Sprinkler System

    You’ll never need to water your artificial lawn, but you can still use a sprinkler system to cool it down as needed. Install an above-ground sprinkler system with adjustable nozzles. That way, you can target the turf fibers directly and cool them down during especially hot days.

    As a bonus, it’s also fun! Turn on your sprinkler system and invite everyone to run and jump around in your cool lawn.

  • Install a Shade Structure for Synthetic Grass

    Another versatile way to keep your artificial lawn cool is to install a shade structure. If your yard is in a relatively shady area and only gets hot during peak hours, you can use temporary shade options like a pop-up canopy or umbrella. These can be easily set up when needed and just as quickly taken down when not in use.

    If you only need to keep a small area of your artificial grass cool, consider laying down a reflective tarp. These tarps are designed to reflect heat, which can help to lower the temperature of the artificial grass beneath them.

    You also have several options if you want something more permanent. Consider a shade sail, pergola, or even a gazebo. These can be installed and left up year-round to provide some welcome respite from the sun. You can also install a retractable shade or awning for extra convenience.

  • Use Plants, Flowers, and Fountains

    Add a pop of color to your artificial lawn while cooling it down with plants and flowers. Not only do these beautiful additions provide plenty of shade but they also help keep the air circulating.

    You can also add fountains and other water features to your artificial lawn. The soothing sound of running water combined with the cooling mist make for a cooler – and more relaxing – outdoor space.

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