Running, playing and walking around your yard are fun, but they can also ruin the natural grass in the area. Before long, you’ll likely spot thin grass, brown areas and bare turf patches due to the damage. Limiting access to your lawn can help the turf recover. But why do that when you can ensure your yard can withstand heavy traffic with an artificial turf installation in Houston, TX?

How Does Foot Traffic Damage Lawns?

Foot traffic compacts the soil, which makes it difficult for roots to grow and absorb water and nutrients. This can make the grass weak and unhealthy.

In addition, soil compaction keeps the ground from absorbing water efficiently. This can cause drainage problems and make puddles a common sight in your yard in the Houston area. Stagnant water can create more problems for your lawn because it can drown the grass and make it more susceptible to turf diseases.

Moreover, some weeds, insects and turf diseases thrive in high-traffic lawns. So if you don’t want these issues cropping up in your yard, you must take measures to prevent or repair foot traffic damage.

Why Artificial Grass Is Resistant to Foot Traffic Damage

Artificial grass for landscaping is available in long-lasting materials.For example, nylon synthetic grass can withstand heavy weight and high temperatures without any issues. Polyethylene synthetic turf is softer, but it’s just as durable and won’t wear out even after regular use.

Moreover, an artificial turf installation in Houston, TX consists of tightly woven synthetic fibers. Heavy foot traffic can’t tear them out from the backing or make them come apart at the seams. It’s one of the many reasons why more sports centers are replacing the natural grass in their fields with synthetic turf.

Bad weather is also bad news for high-traffic lawns. For instance, rain can turn the grass soggy and more susceptible to damage. It also turns the ground muddy, which makes foot traffic damage more lasting.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about these problems when you have synthetic grass in Houston, TX because it’s weather resistant. It will retain its original appearance and structure even when it’s wet.

How Does Foot Traffic Affect Artificial Grass?

High-quality artificial grass is resistant—not immune—to foot traffic. The synthetic turf in areas that get a lot of traffic can bend over time.But don’t worry. All you need to do is brush the artificial fibers against the grain to make them stand up again. It’s that easy!

Prevent Lawn Damage With an Artificial Grass Installation in Houston, Texas

If your natural grass lawn is always looking a little worse for wear, we can help you turn it into a stunning landscape with artificial grass.

Here at Houston Artificial Grass Pros, we offer easy-to-maintain, durable synthetic turf products,as well as expert installation services. We specialize in residential and commercial turf installations. Tell us how you plan to use your yard and we’ll make sure your new artificial grass lawn can accommodate your needs.

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