Having a customized home putting green is the dream of any avid golfer. With a personal golf course, you can practice your swings and prepare for competitions anytime you want. Get a putting green of your own with artificial grass for easy installation in Houston.

You can customize it according to your golfing preferences or get creative with its design and installation for an extra challenge. Ace your next game with a unique putting green! 

Choosing the Right Putting Green

Before designing your putting green, you must decide on the type of synthetic grass you will be using. Here’s a look at the two most popular turf styles for golf courses:

  • Standard Putting Green (SPG)

SPG is built for casual golfers. Composed of short blades that have polypropylene, this synthetic turf typically comes with a light sand infill that’s suited for slower play.

  • Professional Putting Green (PPG)

PPG is the artificial turf specifically built for avid golfers. Constructed with polyethylene, which is more durable and flexible than polypropylene, PPG is typically installed with a sand or rubber infill. With this turf, you can do a chip shot that can travel further than 120 yards!

These putting greens provide perfect practice venues to get into shape for your next golf game. Determine the turf type that best suits your golfing style, and then invest in high-quality artificial grass for easy installation in Houston.

Different Kinds of Putting Green Installation

Once you’ve established your preferred turf type, you must determine how you want it installed in your yard. Here are the kinds of putting green installations you can create in your home:

  • Basic Outdoor Putting Green Installation

A basic putting green is recommended for people who are just starting out in the sport. It is composed of a long grassy stretch with a few curves. The main objective of this installation type is to train the golfer to handle their clubs. Once the golfer has mastered the basics, obstacles can be added to the course.

  • Indoor Putting Green Installation

As its name implies, an indoor putting green is perfect for indoor golf practice. It can occupy a whole room or just a part of it depending on your preference. If you’re curious as to what is the best indoor putting greens in Houston, know that any high-quality SPG and PPG turf will do. Work closely with your trusted synthetic grass installer to get an excellent indoor golf course.

  • Uneven Terrain Putting Green Installation

An uneven putting green can give any avid golfer a challenge. You can get creative with its topography and construct steep slopes, complicated inclines and interesting formations like the valley terrain.

Its rolling surfaces will challenge your ability to estimate the distance from the tee to the cup. It’s the perfect venue to hone your golfing skills and strategies.

Get Your Dream Putting Green Installation!

Trust Houston Artificial Grass Pros, your expert synthetic turf installer, for your home putting green needs. Aside from general landscaping and professional turf installation, we also provide high-quality synthetic grass that is safe for pets in Houston.

Our synthetic turf is backed by a 15-year warranty which means more golf games for you, your family and your friends. Call us at 866-309-8873 and we will help you create the putting green of your dreams!