Ensure an excellent artificial turf installation in Houston, TX by using top-quality artificial grass. By doing so, you can create a landscape that is not only stunning but also durable and long-lasting. Synthetic turf is a crucial investment for your property, so don’t scrimp on your purchase. Choose nothing less than the best turf type for your specific needs!

Criteria for Selecting Artificial Turf for Your Home

Because of developments in technology, artificial grass hardly looks and feels different from natural lawns. It is pleasing to the eye, can endure high foot traffic, stays lush throughout the year and helps you save more on water bills and fertilizers. Reap all these benefits and more by choosing your synthetic grass carefully.

Here are the criteria you should use when selecting artificial turf for your property:

• It should have great drainage.

The artificial grass must have proprietary drainage to ensure the efficient removal of moisture during spills, rain, quick rinses and more. The best type of turf drainage is a highly permeable backing. It drains all water and directs it beyond the backing by way of micro-sized holes.

• It should look as close to the real thing as possible.

With realistic and lush greens, you can get a lawn that is enticing and welcoming to guests. Choose an artificial turf that closely resembles the natural grass in your neighborhood. Add plants, trees and flowers all over the lawn to enhance its natural appeal.

• It should be durable.

Your artificial turf choice should be of durable quality and have a warranty of at least 10 years. This way, you can have a beautiful lawn for a long time without the need to change the turf. In addition, synthetic grass gives you fewer worries about maintenance and more time to do other tasks.

Have dogs? Invest in the best type of synthetic grass for pets in Houston for groundcover that can endure your canines’ antics. Let your pooches run and play on it without worrying about broken grass blades, dirt holes and discolored turf due to pet waste!

• It should be made of non-allergenic materials.

You won’t be able to enjoy a lawn if it triggers allergies in its users. High-quality artificial turf neither generates nor hosts allergy-causing pollens, making the perfect playing ground.

Popular Types of Synthetic Turf for Residential Installations

Now that you know the ideal qualities of grass for a great installation, let’s get to know some of the best synthetic grass in Houston, TX. All the turf types below have permeable drainage. They also come with excellent infill options, such as silica sand and Envirofill acrylic coated sand, to keep the turf upright and enhance drainage.

• Versa Lush

Versa Lush is realistic, blending olive green soft spun monofilament c-shaped blades and field green with nutmeg thatch. Specially made for landscapes, its UV-resistant polyethylene material is resistant to fading and discoloration. It comes with a low infill.

• Nutmeg Lush

Nutmeg Lush puts together olive and field green soft-spun, grass blades together with nutmeg and olive green thatch. It is soft to the touch but incredibly durable. The Nutmeg Lush turf also comes with up to 15 years warranty.

• Olive Lush

Olive Lush artificial turf mixes olive green and field green soft spun monofilament with olive green thatch. It provides a soft and durable turf that matches real grass. Olive Lush turf is also made of UV-resistance polyethylene that goes against discoloration and fading.

Get a High-Quality Installation in Your Yard Now!

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