If you’re tired of dealing with weeds in your yard, synthetic grass in Houston, TX can help!

When expert turf installers set up a synthetic lawn in the Houston area, they’ll remove all existing weeds and apply weedicides to the site. They’ll then add a weed barrier to the installation, which is a membrane that weeds can’t break through. That means the only place weeds can grow on an artificial lawn is on its seams, making weed removal a breeze.

So once you cover your yard with artificial grass, you can keep these weeds out of your yard or at least limit the places they can grow on.


Chickweed can survive in almost any kind of soil and it doesn’t need very much sunlight. Its leaves and stems are covered with fine hairs and it has flowers that grow in clusters of white or lavender flowers. Chickweed grows very fast—you might not even see it until it’s already taken over your yard. Artificial grass can keep it from invading your yard because it will not provide the moisture and nutrients that chickweed needs to survive.


If left unchecked, pigweed can easily overtake your lawn. It spreads quickly through seed production as well as rhizomes (underground stems) that send up new shoots at regular intervals throughout its growing season. Pigweeds can grow up to six feet tall, so they can make your yard hard to walk through. Fortunately, installing synthetic grass in Houston, TX can limit the places these weeds pop out of.


This weed is strong and fast-growing—it can grow up to 7 feet per day. It also has roots that travel up to 30 feet deep, making it difficult to kill. But artificial grass can stand up to the challenge. Bindweed will not thrive in artificial grass, because it does not have the nutrients it needs to grow. The turf will also keep bindweed from taking over your yard and making you spend hours pulling weeds every day.


Purslane is a succulent plant that grows almost anywhere, including on yards, sidewalks, roadways and other hard surfaces. It’s considered an invasive species because it can spread quickly and crowd out other plants. But artificial grass won’t let this happen. Purslane won’t thrive in an artificial turf installation in Houston, TXs because it won’t provide enough water or nutrients for growth.


These yellow-flowered weeds are familiar sights in many yards and gardens. They usually spread when insects, birds or the wind carry their seeds to soil or turf. When they pop up, they can take over your entire garden if you don’t get them under control quickly enough. Artificial grass will help keep dandelions from growing in your yard by blocking their roots from reaching the ground below.

Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie is a perennial weed that spreads quickly, especially in warm climates. It can grow through concrete and asphalt and tends to pop up in your yard the following spring. Artificial grass in Houston, Texas can help keep this weed from growing by shading your lawn from the sun, which prevents it from sprouting new leaves.

Canada Thistle

Canada Thistle can take over your yard if you don’t pay attention to it. The plant’s roots are shallow and spread out wide, which means they’re difficult to pull out by hand. Quality artificial grass will keep this pesky weed from growing in your yard by keeping it away from water and sunlight—two things that are necessary for Canada thistle seeds to germinate.


Crabgrass isn’t actually a type of grass—it’s an annual weed that likes sandy areas in your yard, like near fences or walls. It can be difficult to get rid of because its seeds stay dormant until conditions are right for them to sprout again (like after a period of rain). You can get ahead of it by installing synthetic grass in your yard.

Keep Your Yard Pristine and Weed-Free With an Artificial Grass Installation in Houston

We know that dealing with weeds in your yard can be a pain. That’s why we’re here to help!

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