Synthetic grass in Houston, TX is now a popular option for people who want beautiful lawns with little or no effort on their part.

It’s also great for those that are allergic to grass or just want an alternative to natural turf.

Synthetic turf has come a long way since the first synthetic grass was installed in 1966 (in the Astrodome right here in Houston, Texas no less!).

However, plenty of misconceptions surround artificial turf. Here are five things you may not know about artificial turf products:

1. Artificial Grass Is Actually Eco-Friendly

No, really! It may be synthetic, but artificial turf is an eco-friendly option for your lawn.

First, you don’t need to water it. That means you save money on your water bill and help conserve our precious resources at the same time. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about watering, reseeding or mowing your lawn.

No need for chemicals either (e.g., pesticides, herbicides, etc.), so you’re reducing the chemicals you expose your family, pets and wildlife to.

There’s also no need for fertilizer or gas-powered lawn equipment, therefore reducing your carbon footprint as well.

2. A Synthetic Turf System Has Several Layers Apart from the Turf Roll

Some people assume that you only need to roll out artificial turf and you’re done. That’s not true at all! That’s the best way to turn your lawn into a muddy, wrinkled and unattractive mess.

Instead, reputable pros install artificial grass in layers.

First is the base layer to support the grass and prevent it from moving around and bunching. Depending on the project, the installation may also include a weed barrier, drainage tiles or foam pads.

Then, the infill. This is typically sand, rubber or another granular material that you put between the fibers of artificial turf. It’s key to the soft, lush feel you expect from a grassy lawn.

Artificial turf installation in Houston, TX is a complex process that requires special tools, attention to detail, and years of experience. That’s why it’s not advisable to DIY synthetic turf— let the pros handle it for the best results!

3. High-Quality Synthetic Turf Doesn’t Look Like Plastic

There is nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on an artificial lawn that looks like you just laid out a giant sheet of plastic in your backyard. Cheap artificial lawns look fake and you can tell they were made from low-quality materials.

That’s why investing in the best synthetic grass is absolutely worth it. Top synthetic turf products look and feel like the real thing. Just like natural grass, they combine different shades of green, with a bit of brown thatching to mimic soil.

The best artificial grass in Houston, TX also has an infill that goes all the way to the bottom of each blade in order to prevent it from standing up on its own or looking like you’ve got a bunch of straw laying out in your yard.

4. It’s Almost Impossible for Dogs to Destroy Artificial Pet Turf

A lot of pet owners are hesitant to put artificial turf in their yard because they are afraid that their dogs will destroy it.

The truth is, you have more to worry about with your natural grass than you do with high-quality synthetic grass for pets in Houston. Synthetic turf provides you with an extremely durable surface that is much more resistant to damage, even from the roughest pet play time.

5. Artificial Grass Is Safe for Children

Children love playing on grass, but you have to be careful because you never know what’s hiding beneath your yard. From pests to toxic chemicals, there’s a lot of hazards that lurk on a natural lawn.

In contrast, synthetic grass is non-toxic, absorbs impact better than natural grass and hypoallergenic, too.

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