The great thing about top-notch putting greens in Houston is that having your very own backyard golf course is just the beginning. Its versatile, realistic, and tough surface is also perfect for other fun activities for the whole family. Play these five outdoor games on your next backyard party or weekend family bonding!

5 Outdoor Games to Play on Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass is soft, durable, and lush —all the qualities you need for lawn games. Even a bit of rain can’t stop you from having fun because all that water simply drains away for a dry and non-slip surface.

Now that you have the best yard for outdoor activities, fire up that competitive spirit for these five games to play on artificial grass!

  1. Bean Bag Toss

The uniformly flat and even surface of synthetic grass is ideal for this popular game that’s also known as corn hole. Set up a board with a hole in it, and prepare some bags filled with beans or dried corn. You can divide everyone into teams or just play as individuals.

Each player gets a chance to toss bags into the hole. The first person or team to score 21 points (or any number you like) is the winner!

  1. Bocce Ball

This one is an ancient game that’s still as exciting today. The idea is to fill ten 2-liter plastic bottles with water, and use a ball to knock down the bottles. You can even play at night by putting a glow stick inside the containers. The awesome thing is that you don’t have to be an athlete to play bocce ball; even the little ones can have their turn with this creative version of lawn bowling!

  1. Backyard Football

The best synthetic grass for pets in Houston is also the right surface for a casual (or intense) game of backyard football. Artificial turf provides a gentler landing surface than real grass, so there’s less risk for scrapes, especially when you’re playing contact sports like this one. For this game, all you need is a football and teams to start anytime.

  1. Ball Games

If it involves a ball, you can play it on your synthetic grass yard! Toss around a volleyball, practice your swings with mini baseball, kick a soccer ball around, or go with classic basketball. Cool down during hot days with a rousing game of water balloon dodge ball. Throw around a frisbee, and let your dog join in the fun!

  1. Obstacle Course

Challenge everyone to a game of skill and strategy by setting up a DIY obstacle course on artificial grass. You can buy special obstacle course materials, but you can also get creative with what you already have in the house. For instance, use old boxes, pool noodles, strips of plywood, and water-based paint, and get creative with your obstacle course layout!

Turn Your Backyard to Game Central with Artificial Grass

The key to an awesome multi-game backyard is excellent artificial turf installation in Houston, TX. Trust Houston Artificial Grass Pros to get the job done right. Let’s talk about your brand-new synthetic lawn during our free consultation – call 866-309-8873 now!