Most people dread working on their yard. After all, who wants to spend hours cutting grass under the sun instead of relaxing indoors? Get ready for the ultimate lawn care hack —installing green synthetic grass in Houston, TX! Once you make the switch, you can look forward to never doing these tedious yard chores again.

5 Yard Chores Eliminated by Artificial Grass

A lot of time and effort goes into maintaining a landscape. Since natural grass is not self-sustaining, it needs constant care. This includes tending to its turf and applying special treatments depending on the season. Whether you decide to tackle these tasks on your own or pay a professional to do it, maintaining your lawn requires a lot of time, effort and money.

Artificial grass makes yard maintenance so much simpler. Forget about these five lawn care chores when you make the switch to synthetic turf:

1. Weekly Mowing

Regular mowing keeps your yard neat. It also helps keep away mosquitoes, ticks and other pests that hide in tall grass. However, falling behind by just a week on your mowing schedule will show on your unkempt lawn. Since artificial turf never grows, you can retire your mower and enjoy a beautiful, manicured yard without lifting a finger.

2. Soil Fertilization

You need to fertilize the lawn to keep it healthy and green. This involves buying expensive fertilizers, timing your applications strategically, and making sure you administer your solutions regularly from spring to late fall. An artificial grass installation in Houston for backyard doesn’t just wipe out this task, it also helps you save money and reduce the amount of toxins on your lawn.

3. Watering

Lawns are thirsty. They need to be watered twice a day at a minimum, and even more during hotter months. Artificial grass never needs to be watered, so it automatically reduces your water utility bills.

4. Spring and Fall Cleanup

Numerous extra maintenance tasks come with fall and spring. These include pruning, mulching, removing debris, re-edging the beds, clearing off leaves and cutting back ornamental grass and perennials. Fail to do these, and you’ll have sickly turf and an overgrown yard. Installing synthetic grass for pets in Houston eliminates spring and autumn clean-up tasks, giving you a picture-perfect backyard all year long.

5. Bed Maintenance

Plant beds add more work to an already demanding yard. Bed maintenance needs to be done regularly if you don’t want an overgrown yard. Since plant beds are not essential to artificial grass installations, their upkeep is one less thing to worry about when it comes to lawn care. Use raised plant boxes and potted flowers to give your yard some color without added work.

Enjoy Lawn Care Made Easy with Artificial Grass!

Spend more time enjoying your lawn than maintaining it with green synthetic grass pros in Houston, TX! Houston Artificial Grass Pros can help you design a low-maintenance yard that looks as beautiful as the real thing. We carry top-quality synthetic turf products for residential and commercial projects of all types and sizes.

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