Putting greens in Houston Texas are a great feature for any home. Not only do they allow you to practice your short game, but they also provide a great spot to relax and spend time with friends and family.

If you’re thinking about adding a putting green to your backyard, consider these factors:

Natural Grass or Artificial Grass?

First things first – the putting surface. While most people are used to playing on real grass at the golf course, it just doesn’t work well in a residential yard.

For instance, natural grass is a pain to keep green and healthy all year round. Unless you have the money to hire a professional landscaper or the time to do it yourself, your putting surface is going to turn brown, patchy and unplayable in no time.

In contrast, synthetic grass in Houston, TX is a great solution since it ensures your putting green is always in immaculate condition. Plus, there are a variety of turf types and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your backyard.

Furthermore, even the most well-kept natural lawn in the world can’t compare to the consistency and performance of an artificial putting surface.

In fact, you can find some of the world’s best greens in the homes of PGA players, because they can be designed to mimic the exact contours, slope and undulation of famous courses like Augusta National.

Rough or No Rough?

The next decision you’ll need to make is whether you want a rough around your green or not.

On one hand, a rough can provide a guaranteed obstacle and more consistent breaks. However, it can also complicate your shots and make the green too hard for beginner players to handle.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for a more challenging green, go with a rough. But if you want a putting surface that anyone can enjoy, skip the rough and go for a flat green for your artificial grass installation.

How About a Bunker?

Another factor to consider when designing your green is whether or not you want it to include a bunker.

Again, this is a personal decision. Some people love the added challenge of having to get out of a bunker, while others find them frustrating and unnecessary.

If you’re undecided, it might be a good idea to start with a green without bunkers and see how you like it. Then, if you decide you want a bunker or two, you can always add them later on to your artificial grass installation in Houston.

Other Putting Green Features

Aside from bunkers, there are a number of other features you can add to your backyard putting green.

One popular option is a practice tee, which allows you to work on your short game without having to leave your backyard.

Another option is a sand trap or cup, which would provide a nice place to put out and finish your round.

Finally, you can also add landscaping features around your green to create a more natural look and feel. This is a great option if you want your green to double as a backyard oasis.

Location Matters – A Lot

One of the most important things to consider when building a backyard putting green is its location.

You’ll want to choose a spot that gets plenty of sun (at least six hours a day) and is close to the house so you can easily get to it. You’ll also want to make sure the surrounding area is relatively flat, so you don’t have to deal with too many unwanted hills and slopes.

Some great options for putting greens in Houston are the backyard, balcony, roof deck or side yard. Just make sure there’s enough room for you to swing your club without hitting anything else.

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