Artificial turf installation cost in Houston, TX, is often the final hurdle for homeowners looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to real grass. Aside from the synthetic turf and installation service, the total fee also includes factors like labor, equipment and even the warranty coverage.

From purchase to installation, there are several aspects that determine how much you’ll need to invest in your new yard.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Synthetic Grass Installation

Before going into the details of artificial grass installation cost, it’s important to choose an established and reliable company for the project. The installers’ skills and expertise will ensure that everything is done well the first time, saving you from fixing expensive installation mistakes.

Your artificial turf installation company will also help you calculate the cost of the project. Here are four major factors to go over during the consultation:

  1. Square Footage

One of the biggest factors that affect your artificial grass investment is the size of the area that needs coverage. In most cases, the bigger the square footage, the more costly it will be since it will require more turf and labor. Any unique features of your yard, such as curved borders or oddly shaped corners, will also contribute to the total fee.  Therefore, the more intricate your lawn structure is, the more materials it will need.

  1. Labor and Installation Cost

Taking the DIY approach for artificial grass installations is generally not recommended. Most homeowners lack the equipment and skillset required to apply artificial grass properly, increasing the risk of expensive installation mishaps. In fact, leaving the project to the pros actually saves more money in the long run compared to taking the DIY method.

When determining how much is synthetic grass in Houston, TX, the estimate typically includes the installation cost. To be sure, confirm it with your company to avoid unexpected costs.

  1. Landscaping

The kind of surface your installers will start with also affects the price of your new yard. If your lawn is covered with natural grass, then the fee will include its removal and disposal. Laying the turf on concrete? You don’t have to pay for grass removal, but there are other special processes involved in preparing the surface for installation. Talk to your installer to learn more about them.

The intricacy of the landscaping likewise affects the total fee. Consider having your synthetic grass yard expertly groomed to enhance its lifespan, looks and function. Discuss this factor with your installers.

  1. Turf Variety

The cost of your project depends on the type of artificial grass you choose. There are extensive varieties of synthetic turf specially designed for specific purposes, such as for playgrounds, pet runs and putting greens. You also need to consider how lush you want your lawn to be.

Your installation company can help you select the right turf for your needs. Take the opportunity to discuss concern, such as if synthetic grass is safe for pets in Houston, when you consult them. Ask about their synthetic turf’s durability, drainage and other factors that will impact your yard experience.

Let’s Discuss Your New Artificial Grass Yard

Those are just four of the many factors that go into artificial turf installation cost in Houston, TX. Get a more comprehensive estimate from your trusted installer. Let’s discuss your project in detail when you call Houston Artificial Grass Pros at 866-309-8873. Experience the synthetic turf difference today!