Got a budding golfer in the family? Let them hone their skills in the comfort of your home with artificial grass installation in Houston! A backyard putting green offers a whole new level of convenience, challenge and ease for young golf enthusiasts. Best of all, it also enhances your lawn in amazing ways. Hit a hole-in-one with synthetic grass!

3 Benefits of Backyard Putting Greens for Young Golfers

Improving one’s golf skills takes many hours of serious practice. This goes triple for those who are just starting out. Help your little ones improve their game by giving them their own backyard putting green. Advantages include:

1. Unlimited Practice Time

With work and other commitments, you may not have the time to drive your children to the range all the time. Backyard putting greens in Houston will completely solve this problem. All they need to do is step out into your lawn. They can start practicing their chips and putts as much as they want, whether that’s after school or through the weekend!

2. Pro-Level Gameplay

Concerned that a backyard strip won’t be enough to challenge your future champion? You’ll be happy to know that artificial putting greens can be customized with various levels of difficulty. Add tee boxes, multiple holes, slopes, water features, sand traps and other features to keep players on their toes.

In addition, artificial putting green grass is specifically designed to provide a surface similar to professional golf courses. Expect the same ball roll and swing mechanics to enhance the skills of your future pro.

3. Savings

From the equipment to club membership and tee time fees, golf is an expensive sport. Factor in how much you shell out for gas and miscellaneous costs every time you go to the range, and the expenses can become overwhelming after a time. A home putting green lets you save money without sacrificing practice time. It also reduces the hassle and stress of every outing, making a backyard putting green a smart investment for golf fans.

Top 2 FAQs about Artificial Putting Greens

The game play benefits of artificial grass are undeniable, but it pays to learn as much as you can before making any investment. Get answers to two of the most frequently asked questions about backyard putting greens below:

• Will it take too long to install?

Not at all! Compared to waiting for a natural putting green to grow, getting a synthetic one involves a much quicker process. At most, it will take several days to finish an artificial grass installation in Houston. The key is to hire professional installers with a lot of experience to minimize mistakes and speed up the installation.

• Is it hard to maintain?

It’s incredibly easy to take care of artificial grass. Rinse out dirty spots with water and mild detergent, depending on the type of spill. Fluff it up with a brush to maintain its lush quality. Beyond that, backyard putting greens don’t need much attention or work to stay at optimum performance.

Let the Pros Handle Your Dream Putting Green

A backyard putting green is an investment not only for your young golf enthusiast, but also your whole outdoor space. Enhance your yard today with Houston Artificial Grass Pros! Aside from putting greens, we also supply residential, commercial and synthetic grass for pets in Houston. Contact us today at 866-309-8873 to discuss your ideal putting green and begin your project!