Try visiting retirement communities in the area and you’ll notice that a lot of them feature artificial putting greens in Houston. In fact, it’s a huge selling point for these homes. Turns out, playing on a synthetic putting green isn’t just fun. It also helps older people take care of their health and well-being.

Health Benefits of Playing on Synthetic Putting Greens

In 2008, a Swedish research team looked into the health of 300,000 golfers. Eventually, they learned that people who played golf are 40% less likely to die early than the rest of the population. So, what gives? Why is playing on backyard putting greens a healthy activity for seniors?

1. Playing on a Synthetic Putting Green Is a Gentle, Low-Impact Exercise

As we get older, our joints become less flexible. It becomes harder to move, joints start to ache and some may start developing arthritis.

According to the Swedish researchers we mentioned above, playing golf encourages you to get moving. In fact, you can easily rack up several miles’ worth of walking while playing on a backyard putting green.

Since golf doesn’t require you to run or jump, it’s easy on your joints and bones. Furthermore, synthetic grass in Houston, TX also has a soft, cushiony feel that further reduces impact. It’s also much softer than the packed ground under natural grass.

2. Artificial Turf Putting Greens Encourage You to Go Outdoors

While you can play the game indoors, the best short game experience is still outside under the full sun and in the fresh air. Both offer tremendous advantages to the health of older adults.

In particular, sunlight remains the best source of vitamin D. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your bones absorb calcium, so they stay strong.

Additionally, many studies show that vitamin D can help regulate your immune system. This is important because seniors are more prone to illness. Vitamin D reduces the risk of infection and chronic inflammation that can hurt your vital organs, particularly the heart.

On average, a round of golf can last for several hours. But if good sunlight is all you need, 20 minutes on an artificial putting green is all you need to get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

3. Synthetic Turf Putting Greens Allow You to Be More Social

Age-memory loss is real. So are feelings of isolation and loneliness as people get older. That’s why so many retirement communities are investing in a private putting green.

Residents can simply step out into the yard to play or simply meet friends. In addition, synthetic grass for pets and Houston landscapes can accommodate outdoor living furniture and amenities. Combined with a backyard putting green, can add a welcoming social element to any space.

Stay Healthy with Synthetic Putting Greens in Houston

Finally, these health benefits don’t just apply to older adults. Playing on a synthetic grass putting green is fun for children, too. This makes artificial grass an excellent addition to any home.

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